Welcome to our Guests!

Welcome to University City UMC! Here at UCUMC we strive to be a welcoming congregation to our community and especially to our guests. Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

worship_visitingtab.jpg Worship Opportunities:

 9:45 AM - Traditional Worship - Sanctuary
11:00 AM - Contemporary Worship - Sanctuary  

Please check the upcoming week's bulletin on our Media Page for specific worship details.

Sunday Morning Inside the Worship Center...
Upon entering the Worship Center upper level, you will notice a Welcome Center to your left and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus. You may visit the Guest Kiosk, which will be to your right upon entering, to receive valuable information designed just for you, our guests!  Check out our Café for coffee and a relaxing place to fellowship with our church community. . 

Be sure to let us know you visited by:
Filling out a communication card, a tear-off card located in the Worship bulletin.
Asking us questions - we love to answer them!
Completing our 1st and 2nd time guest surveys: Click Here for First-time Guests; Click Here for Second-time Guests. 



University City United Methodist Church
3835 West W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28269
(Corner of WT Harris & W. Sugar Creek Rd.)
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Phone: 704-369-8000 • Fax: 704-369-0481
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Finding Us
Enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard and you will find signs directing you to the Guest parking, located in the Upper parking lot.  If you are looking for a meeting, or the adult Sunday school classrooms you will want to park in the Lower paring lot and walk into the Church Office entrance. If you are looking for youth or children Sunday school classrooms, you will want to park in the Lower parking lot, closest to the Disciple Center and enter that building.

While we believe there are many unique things about UCUMC, we hope you will find our warm, welcoming
 attitude towards our guests sets us apart.  Many of us remember how it felt to be a newcomer to church, and we want to make your time with us comfortable and inviting.  Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

Once you enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard, you will find Guest reserved parking in the upper level parking lot, closest to the front doors of the Worship Center.  Lower level parking leads to the Adult Sunday school classrooms (Lower Level Worship Center) and Children and Youth Sunday school classrooms (Disciple Center).  CLICK HERE for campus map.

Upon entering the building, you will notice our Guest Information kiosk and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus.  We will gladly walk with you to show you where you may need to go on campus. Visit the Guest Café  designed just for you, our guests!

While you are with us...

Enjoy one of our Sunday worship services - 9:45am with choir, or 11:00am with band.
Make sure you fill out a communication card, located in the Worship bulletin, so we know you are here.
Ask questions - we love to answer them!
Give us feedback - fill out our First-time Guest Survey or Second-time Guest Survey to tell us what you thought about your visit. 
Find out more about what is going on in and around UCUMC by picking up our weekly UCUMC News.

There are many ways to connect at UCUMC! cover_spring17_small.jpg

You can worship with us, join one of our many L.I.F.E. Groups or other small groups, join a Sunday School class, or serve in our ministries, just to name a few. We, at University City UMC, are passionate about helping you find your place here. Check out ways to get plugged in below!

Get to Know our pastors & staff. 
Learn about Getting Started at UCUMC
Find an Adult Small Group opportunity that fits your lifestyle
Connect with our Youth Ministry - FUSION (6th-12th grades)
Hang out with our Children's Ministry - UC Kids (birth through 5th grade)
Discover a Serving Opportunity within our congregational body or outside the body.
Find a Support Group designed to help with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 




How a Coffee Cup Almost Lost a Soul

Having been an ordained pastor for nearly 30 years, I have had many wonderful experiences in the churches I have served.  One that I treasure above the rest involved playing a role in leading a man to Christ and watching him change in front of me.  But I almost missed the opportunity because my first response was to reject him rather than convert him.  I believe the Holy Spirit stayed my hand so that the Spirit could work on him and bring him to the Truth.  Here is how it happened.more...

What I learned on my trip to Mardi Gras...

Several years ago a Pastor friend of mine by the name of Mark Jordon challenged me to accompany him on a mission trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I have to admit the thought of going to Mardi Gras to share Christ with others was well outside my comfort zone.  After learning what would be required of me on the trip, it only got worse.  Activities included; dressing up as a clown and walking along parade routes handing candy and tracts to people, performing a salvation skit along the parade route, street preaching, dragging a twelve foot wooden cross down Bourbon Street at the height of the party and generally walking up to strangers and sharing the gospel. Frankly, I was and remain skeptical about the effectiveness of this type of evangelism.  However, after substantial prayer I felt the Lord wanted me to go, face my fears and trust in Him.  Many of the stereotypes I imagined encountering on such a trip came true.  I encountered individuals who in my opinion were more interested in getting people to simply say the salvation prayer words rather than truly understand the commitment being made.  In fact, many nights on the bus returning from the days events some of the men would be comparing notes on how many individuals they got to say the words.  It seemed very disingenuous to me and made me wonder if we were doing more damage than good.  I was wondering if I had made a mistake.  I was wondering why the Lord had encouraged me to take the trip.  I was worried that I had misheard the Lord. The last night of the trip three hundred men walked in a line, two by two, and took turns dragging a wooden cross down the middle of Bourbon Street.  Some people yelled at us.  Others ignored us.  Few greeted us.  Eventually we placed the cross at one of the main intersections and surrounded it handing out tracts and talking with people.  I was on a sidewalk when four male college students came around the corner ready to join the party.  One of the young men looked directly at me and said without prompting, “I know what you are going to tell me.”  I responded by saying, “Okay tell me what I am going to say.”  He said, “you are going to tell me that I should not be down here partying tonight.”  Instead I told him that had it been a few years earlier I probably would have been down here partying with him.  My comment surprised him, broke the ice and after a long conversation the young man chose to pray with my partner and I and accept the Lord as his Savior – right there on Bourbon Street.  So what did I learn on my trip to Mardi Gras…  - Being obedient, no matter how uncomfortable, is good.  God is faithful. - The Lord can do amazing work even in places where I doubt the effectiveness of our methods. - Sometimes sharing our faith is the beginning of the process – planting seeds.  This young man had interacted with a number of faithful individuals who planted the seeds of faith well before I met him on Bourbon Street. -  Sometimes we are blessed to be part of the process when others chose to accept Jesus and changes the course of their life for eternity. -  The Holy Spirit is the one who brings people to faith – we just need to be ready to do play our part in the process.  I am convinced the Holy Spirit convicted this young man when he turned the corner and saw us.  All the seeds that had been planted came rushing forward and we were blessed to be there and share in the moment. I am not asking you to go to Mardi Gras, or dress as a clown, or street preach or even drag a cross down Bourbon Street.  I am asking you to be obedient.  Listen. Try to hear the Lord.  Look for opportunities to faithfully be part of the process.  Even, perhaps even especially, if its uncomfortable.  Either by planting seeds of faith or being prepared to help someone respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and make a commitment of faith. Sometimes its as easy as being willing to be at the right place at the right time   Brian Baylor more...

My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness….more...

God Can Use Anyone...Even Me...Even You!!

When I was 14 years old (in April of 1981) some people came to our church and stayed with us for the entire weekend.  They took us to the park and we played games, had a cookout and we talked about our faith…more specifically they shared their faith in God with us.  There was a 19 year old sophomore from North Carolina State University…his name was Pat Teague…he played on the football team and he stayed at our house.  Of course, I thought he was awesome because he played college football…so I listened to everything he said during that weekend!!  He talked about how being a Christian was more than just going to church or trying to be good…it was about knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him. more...

Conversations Can Happen

By now, you have most likely heard that we, at UCUMC, are “looking around” to identify friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, and family who do not know Jesus Christ and His light.  I want to share about an experience I recently had when talking with the Mom of a child from my son’s class. more...

Our Gift

Operation Christmas Child has a slogan that says “The power of a simple gift”.  Maybe slogan is the wrong word because the shoeboxes are so powerful to the children that receive them.   They fill a void.more...