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Welcome to University City UMC! Here at UCUMC we strive to be a welcoming congregation to our community and especially to our guests. Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

worship_visitingtab.jpg Worship Opportunities:

 9:45 AM - Traditional Worship - Sanctuary
11:00 AM - Contemporary Worship - Sanctuary  

Please check the upcoming week's bulletin on our Media Page for specific worship details.

Sunday Morning Inside the Worship Center...
Upon entering the Worship Center upper level, you will notice a Welcome Center to your left and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus. You may visit the Guest Kiosk, which will be to your right upon entering, to receive valuable information designed just for you, our guests!  Check out our Café for coffee and a relaxing place to fellowship with our church community. . 

Be sure to let us know you visited by:
Filling out a communication card, a tear-off card located in the Worship bulletin.
Asking us questions - we love to answer them!
Completing our 1st and 2nd time guest surveys: Click Here for First-time Guests; Click Here for Second-time Guests. 



University City United Methodist Church
3835 West W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28269
(Corner of WT Harris & W. Sugar Creek Rd.)
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Finding Us
Enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard and you will find signs directing you to the Guest parking, located in the Upper parking lot.  If you are looking for a meeting, or the adult Sunday school classrooms you will want to park in the Lower paring lot and walk into the Church Office entrance. If you are looking for youth or children Sunday school classrooms, you will want to park in the Lower parking lot, closest to the Disciple Center and enter that building.

While we believe there are many unique things about UCUMC, we hope you will find our warm, welcoming
 attitude towards our guests sets us apart.  Many of us remember how it felt to be a newcomer to church, and we want to make your time with us comfortable and inviting.  Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

Once you enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard, you will find Guest reserved parking in the upper level parking lot, closest to the front doors of the Worship Center.  Lower level parking leads to the Adult Sunday school classrooms (Lower Level Worship Center) and Children and Youth Sunday school classrooms (Disciple Center).  CLICK HERE for campus map.

Upon entering the building, you will notice our Guest Information kiosk and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus.  We will gladly walk with you to show you where you may need to go on campus. Visit the Guest Café  designed just for you, our guests!

While you are with us...

Enjoy one of our Sunday worship services - 9:45am with choir, or 11:00am with band.
Make sure you fill out a communication card, located in the Worship bulletin, so we know you are here.
Ask questions - we love to answer them!
Give us feedback - fill out our First-time Guest Survey or Second-time Guest Survey to tell us what you thought about your visit. 
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There are many ways to connect at UCUMC! cover_spring17_small.jpg

You can worship with us, join one of our many L.I.F.E. Groups or other small groups, join a Sunday School class, or serve in our ministries, just to name a few. We, at University City UMC, are passionate about helping you find your place here. Check out ways to get plugged in below!

Get to Know our pastors & staff. 
Learn about Getting Started at UCUMC
Find an Adult Small Group opportunity that fits your lifestyle
Connect with our Youth Ministry - FUSION (6th-12th grades)
Hang out with our Children's Ministry - UC Kids (birth through 5th grade)
Discover a Serving Opportunity within our congregational body or outside the body.
Find a Support Group designed to help with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 



Weekend with Wayne

In this story, Richard Bartoo tells how God used him in a way he'll never forget. 

Everyone on our Tres Dias team for that weekend were asked to help out while the candidates came in – get them registered, find out their room number, and assist them in getting them and their luggage to the room and getting settled in. We were also asked that each of us pick out one or two of these candidates as a person of special interest – so that we would say extra prayers for that specific person, that they would be “Changed” as a result of this weekend. I picked one person, whom I’ll call “George,” who seemed to me to be a little slow in his thinking and actions – not handicapped, and not exactly retarded, just slow. And I did say prayers for George, every night at least, and often during the day as I did my usual chores. Now I wasn’t supposed to interact with most of the candidates – My job was working behind the scenes, to see that everything they needed was done on time, without their necessarily being aware I was involved at all.

I think it was on the second evening, when I had finished up almost all of my chores, except to lock the front door for the night. There were several people still wandering about, indoors and out, so I just stood nearby and waited. Then I heard the sound of a piano in the meeting room – I realized it was one of the pastors playing, so I wandered over to the doorway and thought to myself perhaps he would be playing for a hymn sing – Myself, I would really enjoy that. So I decided to walk in. The instant I walked in the door of the meeting room, the pastor stopped playing and wandered over to the snack table, helping himself to a few potato chips or something. I watched him for a moment, thinking he may return to the piano; meanwhile, I sat down at a nearby table where George and four others were having an animated discussion.

 Now, I wasn’t really listening to the discussion among these five fellows – not at first. And I was not supposed to interact with them, but I did listen in a bit, and it sounded like it was four-against-one, and went something like this:

 “Wayne, you really need to stand up to this. If you don’t, it will eventually kill you!” Said one of the four.

 Wayne replied, “Fellas, you just don’t understand. It is too strong – you can’t stand up to it. You can’t resist it.”

 “But you have GOT to stand up and resist this! You need to stop somehow - the longer you are involved, the harder it will be to break off.”

 “But it’s not possible! I’ve tried to! But once you get these chemicals in your system, they are much too strong to resist” protested Wayne. After his third reply, he turned to me, across the table, and brought me into the discussion by saying, “Isn’t that right, Richard?” They all became quiet and everyone turned to me.

I was wearing a name tag, and I guess I had been introduced to the entire group at the start of the weekend, so it was not too surprising that Wayne knew my name. Thinking about it afterward, I guess Wayne may have felt he was outnumbered in this 4 against one discussion, and so turned to me thinking I could give him a little moral support – but I was a new Christian, and just getting myself involved in going to church after many years of only being a “nominal Christian.” My mind was a blank, but calmly I looked around for a few seconds at all five of these fellows, and calmly I said something like this. “You are both right, and you are both wrong. You are right in that Wayne needs to acknowledge his problem and to stand up to it, and to resist it as much as he can. But you are wrong in that Wayne cannot resist this all by himself. He needs help. He needs God’s help, and he can use help from you four as well. He needs all the help he can get.” Then I spoke directly to Wayne and said, ”Wayne, if you are willing, why don’t we all gather around you, lay our hands on your shoulders and pray to God for you to get the help you need?”

Wayne nodded his head in agreement, and folded his hands in front of him on the table. I went behind him to put my hands directly on his shoulders, then the other four gathered around and put their hands on his shoulders and upper arms, and we prayed. I spoke out loud, saying something like this: “Lord, we gather around our friend Wayne, who has a problem. The Devil has his claws into Wayne, and Wayne needs your help. His friends here also want to help Wayne to overcome his problem ….” I went on like this for some 60 seconds or more. When I was done, we all quietly sat down in our places for a minute. I told all of them that now, when Wayne felt the pain of his addiction, I expected them to also feel some of his pain. And Wayne should feel some strength coming from these four friends, as well as from God, to fight this problem.

Then the four – including George – got up and congratulated Wayne, pounding him on the back and giving him as much immediate support as possible, and saying several other things. I don’t know what all they said, because at that moment I felt I could not sit there one more second – I was astonished at what I had said, so I jumped up and practically ran outside.

For the next hour or more, I was pacing up and down the sidewalk outside the building trying to sort all this out in my mind: What had happened? Those words I had said to the group – those were not my words, I didn’t talk like that, nor did I normally pray like that, I had never prayed in public or out loud - I had hardly been listening to the discussion, even! Then slowly I realized those words came directly from God! God had chosen to work through me that night – to make me his messenger - me, one of the least of God’s creatures, to minister to those five fellows. I felt extremely humbled – extremely humbled, by all this. I felt as if I was about an inch high, I was so humbled by it all. It took me several hours to get myself calmed down enough to go to bed that night.

I will remember that evening until my dying day. God touched all six of us then.  He had me reach out to those fellows, especially to Wayne, but also to George and the others. And as for me - there is no doubt in my mind that God was active there that night. God had arranged everything – the piano music to lure me in, my sitting down at that particular table at that particular moment, for Wayne appealing directly to me for support, and those words – not my words, but words that came direct from God. All six of us experienced something special that night.

Later, when the weekend was over and we were all wrapping up, I happened to be close to George when his sponsor met him to give him a ride home, and asked him for his opinion of the weekend. George only said in his slow way, “Powerful! Very powerful!”