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Welcome to University City UMC! Here at UCUMC we strive to be a welcoming congregation to our community and especially to our guests. Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

worship_visitingtab.jpg Worship Opportunities:

 9:45 AM - Traditional Worship - Sanctuary
11:00 AM - Contemporary Worship - Sanctuary  

Please check the upcoming week's bulletin on our Media Page for specific worship details.

Sunday Morning Inside the Worship Center...
Upon entering the Worship Center upper level, you will notice a Welcome Center to your left and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus. You may visit the Guest Kiosk, which will be to your right upon entering, to receive valuable information designed just for you, our guests!  Check out our Café for coffee and a relaxing place to fellowship with our church community. . 

Be sure to let us know you visited by:
Filling out a communication card, a tear-off card located in the Worship bulletin.
Asking us questions - we love to answer them!
Completing our 1st and 2nd time guest surveys: Click Here for First-time Guests; Click Here for Second-time Guests. 



University City United Methodist Church
3835 West W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28269
(Corner of WT Harris & W. Sugar Creek Rd.)
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Finding Us
Enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard and you will find signs directing you to the Guest parking, located in the Upper parking lot.  If you are looking for a meeting, or the adult Sunday school classrooms you will want to park in the Lower paring lot and walk into the Church Office entrance. If you are looking for youth or children Sunday school classrooms, you will want to park in the Lower parking lot, closest to the Disciple Center and enter that building.

While we believe there are many unique things about UCUMC, we hope you will find our warm, welcoming
 attitude towards our guests sets us apart.  Many of us remember how it felt to be a newcomer to church, and we want to make your time with us comfortable and inviting.  Our hope is that you will know that you are always welcome here just as you are, whether you have been away from church for a while, or never affiliated with any church. Whether you're married, single, divorced, or in transition, you truly matter to us because you matter to God. We would be honored to have you become a part of University City United Methodist Church!

Once you enter the church parking lot from either Brookstone Drive or WT Harris Boulevard, you will find Guest reserved parking in the upper level parking lot, closest to the front doors of the Worship Center.  Lower level parking leads to the Adult Sunday school classrooms (Lower Level Worship Center) and Children and Youth Sunday school classrooms (Disciple Center).  CLICK HERE for campus map.

Upon entering the building, you will notice our Guest Information kiosk and smiling Greeters ready to say hello and help you find your way around the church campus.  We will gladly walk with you to show you where you may need to go on campus. Visit the Guest Café  designed just for you, our guests!

While you are with us...

Enjoy one of our Sunday worship services - 9:45am with choir, or 11:00am with band.
Make sure you fill out a communication card, located in the Worship bulletin, so we know you are here.
Ask questions - we love to answer them!
Give us feedback - fill out our First-time Guest Survey or Second-time Guest Survey to tell us what you thought about your visit. 
Find out more about what is going on in and around UCUMC by picking up our weekly UCUMC News.

There are many ways to connect at UCUMC! cover_spring17_small.jpg

You can worship with us, join one of our many L.I.F.E. Groups or other small groups, join a Sunday School class, or serve in our ministries, just to name a few. We, at University City UMC, are passionate about helping you find your place here. Check out ways to get plugged in below!

Get to Know our pastors & staff. 
Learn about Getting Started at UCUMC
Find an Adult Small Group opportunity that fits your lifestyle
Connect with our Youth Ministry - FUSION (6th-12th grades)
Hang out with our Children's Ministry - UC Kids (birth through 5th grade)
Discover a Serving Opportunity within our congregational body or outside the body.
Find a Support Group designed to help with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 



Four Pointers

Sharing your faith journey is as simple as sharing with a friend or other person with whom you are acquainted your life. It’s really as simple as that.

I, for one, am not a fan of “cold witnessining”.  Similar to cold-calling in the sales field, a “cold witness” is when you share your faith convictions with someone unsolicited. I have a viscerally negative reaction to a salesperson calling me up and telling me of a project which, up to the point of his or her call, I could not live without. Similarly, folks usually have this same reaction to a person who just comes up and tell him or her that he or she needs to share their faith convictions. On the contrary, when a friend of mine has this awesome new Android product that he is in love with and can’t stop going on about it in our personal interactions my curiosities are peeked and I inquire in our natural interactions. Sharing our faith story is similar to this. When we share our faith with our natural relationships in ways that are natural and un-pushy, our friends and families are drawn and curious.

Here are my four pointers on sharing your faith:

Keep it natural

You keep it natural when you share your faith with folks in ways that are in keeping with the situation and help your friend see how your faith connects with him. Why is your faith important to you? Tell them that. Why is your faith relevant to your life today? Share that. Don’t try too hard. Folks hate when people try too hard. They do not think that your are being real.

Keep it real

When you “keep it real”, you show people who you are. No person has perfect days always. Let your friends see you at your best but also let them see you at the points in your life where things are less than ideal. When people see that you are just like them and you have good day s and you have bad days, it help them to see that your faith and you are relatable and relevant to him or her.

Keep it relational

When we operate relationally in faith sharing, we are most effective. I believe the goal of sharing our faith is to give our families, friends and colleagues the ability to see the impact that our faith conviction has on us and allow the Holy Spirit to make the promptings in the heart to respond which only he can do. When we share our faith within our natural relationships, folks will already know us. They will not have to wonder, “Can I trust this person; does he intend the best for me?” because they already know you, your character and your heart. Operating within natural relationships is the best avenue for sharing faith. When your faith impacts your life, your relationships will naturally see that impact and will be the ones who will come to you when the end of the rope has been reached.

Keep it relevant

We all probably have had at least one friend who was a salesperson for Amway or some company similar to that. I am always amazed at these folks ability to bring every conversation—at one point or another—around to the product that they are selling. That is insanely annoying. We could have a conversation about the heat and this friend will find a way to say,  “I know man, this heat is crazy. You know, we have this awesome product that will effectively erase all heat. You should really try it out!” Some folks can be that way when it comes to sharing faith convictions. I encourage you to not do this. Again, because it is off-putting. I do think we should share the hope of our faith with friends when it is relevant. If you have a friend who is going through an especially rough patch—with which you can relate—you should share how your faith aided you through the rough spot.

At the end of the day, we must remember that the Holy Spirit does the great work or wooing folks and convicting each one of individual sins. We are there to be folks to stand in the gap where Christ is lacking today. That place in being here physically. We are the ones whom he left behind to bind the broken. We are the ones whom he left behind to be a shoulder for the downcast friend. We are the folks whom scripture calls “the body”. We share our faith most directly and lastingly when we take seriously those roles.  I encourage you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to know those folks with whom you should naturally share your faith convictions. You don’t need to be a biblical scholar. You don’t need to have all of the answers to all of the questions. All you need to be is real and trust the Holy Spirit with the outcomes.

Bless you, friends, as you share the convictions of your faith and the hope that it brings.

Ray McKinnon